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We at Profile Building, Sydney's premium custom home builder, would like to thank you for your enquiry. In order to assist you in the best way possible, we first need some information from you.

The planning and preparation stage is a time consuming process, however thorough detail at this stage is important to ensure a smooth construction process. If we can gather as much information as we can now, it will reduce any lengthy delays. By taking the time to answer the following questions as best as you can, you will enable us to provide the most relevant information needed to guide you through each stage of your project.

Once we have received this information we will get in touch with you within 24hrs to discuss your project further and arrange an on site consultation.

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*Note: Profile Building can provide a preliminary estimate free of charge if you only have minimal documentation at this point. In order for us to produce an accurate fixed price quotation we will need as many of the above documents as possible. A fixed price quotation with full breakdown cost analysis will only be obtained if the relevant parties enter into a preliminary quotation agreement with the associated fee of $200 (incl. GST). Should you accept the quotation and engage Profile Building as your selected builder, the quotation fee will be deducted off the project sum.